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"Thank you once again for your time and all the knowledge you have passed onto us and our participants during and after your presentation & field training. It was the best and most useful education day our participants had!"  -  Nevenka Klun, Kocevsko Tourism, Slovenia

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Service and hospitality are two very different skills, and while are both necessary the difference is that top notch hospitality will bring your guests back…good service is a modern day norm.


A critical assessment followed up with improvement training and a follow up online video conference. We help pin point your business critical hospitality points and enhance them to exceed guest expectations.


Anyone can point at a mountain or show you a track in the snow, but well trained guides deliver a story telling experience that is second nature, professional and mindful of guests expectations and experiences.

With over ten years of professional guiding experience, our techniques and knowledge is second nature and of the highest standard.

Specialised trainings are customised to the area, scenario and style of guiding required.

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