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Over the past five years, NTD has been involved in a variety of projects across twelve countries.

With a special focus on sustainable tourism impact and development, NTD has integrated nature positive learnings and initiatives across a wide project base.

Wilderness  - Guide Development & Training

Discover Earth's ultimate, untamed places

As the world’s leading conservation and hospitality company, we are the proud custodians of our planet's most significant wild places, each chosen to be part of our Collection for a specific purpose and all linked to protecting the land and life that exists there.

WeNaTour -  The European Alliance for Innovation and Sustainability Education in Welfare, Nature, and Tourism

WeNaTour is a European project funded by the Erasmus+ program aimed at training new professionals for sustainable tourism and exploring emerging markets, while keeping the well-being of local communities and the preservation of the environment at the core of its strategies, towards a more responsible and sustainable future.

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Off Grid Travel is developing inspiring accommodations in Europe’s most beautiful natural areas.

From gentle locations on farmland, to breathtaking settings in remote national parks. Explore our first destination at the wonderful Cambo Estate in Scotland below.

To survive, the world’s remaining natural landscapes need to prove their economic worth.

Consequently, we have to develop economic incentives for local communities and prove that a protected area is more beneficial for them than the current, extractive economy.

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