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🚀 WeNaTour Kickoff Meeting 🚀

On September 4th and 5th, 2023, the partners of WeNaTour - The European Alliance for Innovation and Sustainability Education in Welfare, Nature, and Tourism - gathered in Padua (Italy) for this European project funded by Erasmus+.

WeNaTour project focuses on post-pandemic tourism with the goal of developing new professions and strengthening the network in the field of sustainable tourism destination management in Europe, particularly targeting emerging markets related to nature for health and well-being and company welfare.

Project partners include universities, research centers, companies, and tourism operators from Italy, Romania, Austria, Ireland, and the Netherlands. The two days were hosted by the project leader, the Department of Cultural Heritage at the University of Padua, and featured participatory activities and workshops promoted by Etifor team.

The Kickoff meeting is a pivotal moment in every European project, providing an important opportunity to align the consortium on objectives, communication methods, and the planning of three years of collaborative work.

Good work, Team WeNaTour!

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